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As the media continues to report an upswing in incidents of bullying, Cherokee Elementary is proud to report that Bullying reports are down over 50% from this time last year.  We credit part of our success to a push on Bullying at the beginning of the school year from our Guidance Counselors.

Cherokee Elementary School counselors provided the following information:

  • Approximately 75 percent of class room guidance has a no- bullying component. Students are taught what bullying means and that it is not just a onetime incident but a continuing pattern of behavior.

So far this school year:

The students have made posters that were hung up during Open House for parents to admire and the third-fifth grades actually had a contest with five winners picked from each homeroom that portrayed the best no bullying message.

Some of the classroom guidance lessons done so far this year are: Mean Mattie – A story about a girl bully and her transformation.

Mr. Lincoln’s Way- A story about prejudice and how we all need to live, work and play together.

Leave Me Alone – A story of how friends come to the aid of the victim of a bully.

The Bully From The Black Lagoon – A story of how rumors can be hurtful and can give the wrong impression.

Class discussion on anti- bullying and anti-bullying worksheets

In addition to the information provided by the counselors, parents/guardians should note the information listed below regarding bullying:

Bullying Policy

Cherokee Central Schools have adopted an anti-bullying policy that entitles all students to be treated with respect and understanding, and to participate in any activity without feat of intimidation. This policy will continue to be enforced and applies to all students attending Cherokee Central Schools.

Parents and students should be informed that any behavior that is determined to be “bullying” will be addressed according to the CCS policy.

The Bullying Policy can be found in the following locations:

• Page 19-20 in back of student hand book

• Handout

• Cherokee Central School Web site

1. Click Cherokee Elementary

2. Click Bullying Policy