Overview of services from EBCI Health & Medical Division Programs

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EBCI WIC Program

Program services: Provides Nutrition, Brestfeeding Education and monthly WIC food issuance for women (pregnant, postpartum, or breastfeeding), infants (0 – 12 months old) and children (under 5) to those that are income eligible.

Manager: Julie B. Maney

Contact information:

554-6234 – Julie B. Maney, WIC Manager

554-6230 – Brenda Cruz, WIC Nutrition Coordinator

554-6238 – Brian Owle, WIC Administrative Assistant

554-6235 –  Kimberly Lambert, WIC Nutritionist

554-6237 – Paige Crowe, WIC Processing Specialist Coordinator

554-6232 – Mary Maney, WIC Processing Specialist

554-6233 – Tina Hornbuckle, WIC BFPC


Cherokee Home Health

Program services: Cherokee Home Health offers CAP aide services, Respite Caregiver Services, In Home RN, Physical Therapy and C.N.A services.

Manager:  Melanie Ashe RN COS-C

Contact information:


554-6886  – Jackie Raby, Intake specialist


Tsali Care Center

Program services:  The facility provides skilled nursing services on a short term and long term basis. Medical services are provided by an attending physician, licensed nurses, nursing assistants, physical, occupational and speech therapy. Additional services include; social services, behavioral health, activities, dietary and housekeeping including laundry.

Manager:  Program Manager is David Hunt, NHA

Contact information:

Facility number (828)497-5048


EBCI Children’s Dental

Program services: Provide dental screenings, Fluoride varnish applications and classroom dental health education to students at daycare centers, Dora Reed and Cherokee Elementary School.  Oversees the braces referral program for enrolled members aged 6-17 (certain qualifications must be met to be eligible for the braces program.)

Manager:  Mellie K. Burns, RDH

Contact information:



Cherokee Community Health

Program services: Registered nurses  provide home and community visits for case management and medication management with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion.  They also provide occupational health services and screening to Tribal worksites. The Community Health Representatives provide home care to patients as well as community services with an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion.

Manager: Vivian Solis

Contact Information:



Cherokee Choices

Program services: Adult Cherokee Lifestyle Balance Classes (CLB)

Family Cherokee Lifestyle Balance Classes (CLB)

YOGA (During lunch) (Tuesdays & Thursdays) (Open to everyone)

Girls on the Run (3rd – 5th grade girls)

Jus Boyz running Club (3rd – 5th grade boys)

Walk-N-Talk (6th – 8th grade students)

Afterschool Program (4th & 5th grade students)

Remember the Removal Bike Ride (15 years and older)

Class mentoring program (4th OR 5th grade students)

Cherokee Community Wellness Team (Open to any healthcare professionals and community members interested in promoting wellness throughout the community)

Youth Garden Program

The youth garden employs 5-10 enrolled Cherokee youth for an intensive 8-week gardening  program.

Trail advocacy/Track Trails

Farm stand (Offered to all ages during the summer and fall months)

The farmstand averages about 10-15 customers per week over the course of 8 weeks, resulting in approximately 100-120 people.

Manager: Sheena Kanott, MPH

Contact information:

554-6781  – Phyll Reed, Office Administrator

554-6193  – Keahana Sluder,  Prevention Specialist

554-6785  – Robin Bailey Callahan (FTE), Nutrition/Fitness Education Coordinator

554-6783  – Tara McCoy, Behavioral change specialist/Mentor

554-6784  – Catcuce Tiger, Mentor

554-6788  – Tinker Jenks, Project Coordinator-Healthy Roots

554-6787  – Rose James,  Nutrition Assistant

554-6786  – Karrie Joseph, Lead Program developer- Healthy Roots


Healthy Cherokee/ Injury Prevention

Program services:  Promotes and provides health education, substance abuse prevention education, health promotion, and injury prevention education to the local elementary, middle, and high school, worksites, childcares centers, recreation centers, youth centers, community venues, as well as individual communities.  Child Passenger Safety Program, Bicycle Helmet distribution, Drug/ Alcohol/ Tobacco Prevention Programs, Risky Behavior Program, Handwashing Program,  SAFEKids Trick or Treat Night.

Manager: Radonna Crowe

Contact Information:

554-6181  – Radonna Crowe, Program Coordinator

554-6182  – Manuel Hernandez, Community Coordinator


S.H.I.P. (Supplemental Health Insurance Program)

Program services:  Hearing Aid program, Medicare B Premium Reimbursement, Disability claims, Assist in Medicaid process applications.

Manager:  Calvin Hill

Contact Information:

554-6184  – Calvin Hill,

554-6183  – Denise Bradley, Med. B Processor

554-6187  – Katrina Taylor, Supplemental Health Audiology Coordinator



Program services:

Individual/Family/Group Therapy, DWI- Services, DV-Batterers Class For Men, Medicine Wheel For Women, Drug Court, Safe Babies Court, Drop –In Services daily after 1pm, Detox, Referrals to Inpatient Treatment, Court Ordered Evaluations, Substance Abuse Therapy (formerly IOP), 24 hour –On-Call, DRC Services, School Services-Cherokee Central Schools, Smoky Mtn Elementary, Satellite Services: Marble/Snowbird/Graham, Some Prevention Activities, Suboxone Clinic, Pain Clinic, Psychiatric Services, Suicide Prevention, Medical Rounds, CPP/TF-CBT/PCIT Therapy, Assessments, DV, DWI, Substance Abuse, Gambling (soon)

Manager: Patty Grant

Contact Information:



Emergency Preparedness

Program services: Emergency kits, readiness/preparedness resources, and education of community members on the importance of preparedness and how to prepare for an emergency situation.

Program Manager: Martha Salyers

Contact information:

554-6185 or martsaly@nc-cherokee.com


Cherokee Diabetes Program

Provides clinical services to those with diabetes.  Also provides screening for diabetes and education and activities to prevent diabetes.  Provides community activities to make people aware of diabetes, chronic kidney disease, and screen for diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

Contact number: 554-6561


Healthy Heart Initiative

Provides clinical services to those with diabetes with a focus on prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Participates in community activities to recruit participants.   Provides educational and physical activities for participants.

Contact number: 554-6575


Wound Care Treatment and Prevention Program 

Provides preventative foot care.  Provides treatment of wounds.

Contact number: 554-6561


Manager of Cherokee Diabetes, Healthy Heart and Wound Care: Sally Sneed Penick

Contact number 554-6565