Miss Cherokee report for November 2012

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Si-yo! I’d like to wish everyone a late Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas from my family to yours. This month has been busy because this month was Native American month and a special holiday, which is Veterans Day.

Miss Cherokee 2012 Karyl Frankiewicz (standing) visits during the annual Ned Long Day at the Cherokee Youth Center last month.  (Photo courtesy of Karyl Frankiewicz)

Miss Cherokee 2012 Karyl Frankiewicz (standing) visits during the annual Ned Long Day at the Cherokee Youth Center last month. (Photo courtesy of Karyl Frankiewicz)

I started off this month by participating in many events. First, I participated in the Junaluska wreath laying on Nov. 8 and then made my way to Robbinsville High School for the Veterans Day celebration. On the Nov. 11, I visited Tsali Care to speak to the Veterans. I had the privilege to attend an event that does not come around very often. I took part in the returning of Charles George’s medals and met the two young men that found them and brought them home. The next day, I went to attend the Veterans recognition at the Cherokee High School. I walked in the Diabetes Prevention walk with Little Miss Cherokee Marcela Garcia.  Immediately following the walk, I went to the Cherokee Youth Center to celebrate Ned Long day. I traveled to Robbinsville Elementary School on Nov. 20 and took part in their Cultural Day activities. The next day, I greeted and talked to the elders at Tsali Care during their Thanksgiving dinner. I started my holiday parades at Franklin on Nov. 25.

I visited our Cherokee Central Schools Nov. 27-30 . I visited the classes at Cherokee High School. I talked to the students about life outside of high school and furthering their education. I also helped serve the staff fry bread and chili for Staff Appreciation Day. Cherokee High School, thank you for letting me speak to the students.

I enjoyed visiting the classes in the Kituwah Cherokee Language Immersion Academy. I read a book to some students and later helped take part in the traditional dances. . Kituwah Academy you have a great facility and wonderful staff. Keep up the good work on helping the younger generation keep our language and traditions alive.

I’d like to thank the Junaluska Leadership Program for the wreath laying and Ned Long day events. Also like to thank Tsali Care for including me in events and meeting some very special people. Thank you, Warren Dupree, for asking me to be a part of another amazing event for a very incredible person, Charles George.

At the Robbinsville high school, I was excited to see everyone and hope to participate in more events they may have in the future. To my Royalty Board, you all have done such an amazing job helping and organizing my schedule and events. Again thank you very much to all that is making this a great experience.

Please call my Royalty Board if you would like to invite me to attend an event you are having, or a school function where I may assist with an activity relating to Cherokee Indian culture and hands on crafts.  Contact information is, Jean L. Bushyhead, PO Box 235, Whittier, NC 28789, or cell number 828-736-4022.