Senior Citizens Fuel Program taking applications starting Sept. 5

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The Cherokee Senior Citizens Program will be taking fuel applications starting Wednesday, Sept. 5.

  1. Must be 59½
  2. Must be an enrolled member of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians
  3. Must live in the five (5) counties service area: Swain, Jackson, Cherokee, Graham and Haywood
  4. The residence where the fuel is to be delivered must be the primary   residence of the senior citizen.
  5. Only (1) one service per residence
  6. Only (1) one type of fuel per residence
  7. All seniors must reapply every year
  8. Must apply for the primary heat source only
  9. Applications will start being taken in September. A notice will be put in the local papers as to what date.
  10. Heating season is from Oct. 1 thru May 31.
  11. Gas must be the primary heating source to receive a gas tank purchase.
  12. A one-time purchase of a 320 gallon tank or purchase of the tank that is currently being used at the residence.
  13. Only one gas tank per household. If clients already own a tank purchased with tribal funds such as HIP Program, Qualla Housing or any other program they will not receive another tank.
  14. If a gas tank is purchased then the primary heat cannot be changed for three (3) years.
  15. Client assumes all responsibility for the tank
  16. All accounts must have a zero balance before any new funding will be applied for the new heating season.
  17. It is the client’s responsibility to pay for any fuel that is delivered over the budgeted amount ($1000.00).

If heating with electric, please bring power bill.

Info:  Kathy Smith 554-6860

– Cherokee Senior Citizens Program