BIA seeking comments on Buy Indian Act

by Aug 15, 2012NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

The Buy Indian Act provides Indian Affairs with the authority to set-aside procurement contracts for qualified Indian-owned businesses.  This proposed rule describes uniform administrative procedures that Indian Affairs will use in all of its locations to encourage procurement of goods and services from eligible Indian economic enterprises, as authorized by the Buy Indian Act.

This rule has been in development for decades.  The Bureau proposed this rule in the Federal Register on several prior occasions, but never succeeded in publishing a final rule.  In 2010, Indian Affairs distributed a new draft of the rule and held three consultation sessions in preparation for the updated proposed rule.

The current proposed rule incorporates much of the previous consultations.  Indian Affairs is committed to finalizing the rule by the end of the calendar year and is seeking written comments on this proposed rule to by Monday, Sept. 17.