Cherokee BabyFACE group learns about Cherokee Tan Pumpkin

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     The Cherokee BabyFACE group enjoyed a visit from Sarah McClellan-Welch and Kevin Welch from the EBCI Cooperative Extension office on Thursday, April 19.  Kevin and Sarah presented information on the Cherokee Tan Pumpkin, a pumpkin that was taken to Oklahoma on the Trail of Tears.

Josh, Katie, and Sanna Haigler prepare their jiffy pots for the pumpkin seeds during a program on the Cherokee Tan Pumpkin conducted last week by Sarah McClellan-Welch (in background) and Kevin Welch. (Photo courtesy of Cherokee BabyFACE)

     The seeds were recently brought back, through a grant that Kevin works under, to return Native seeds to Cherokee. The BabyFACE group was able to obtain three seeds per person for them to take home and plant. The families were not only given seeds but valuable information about their culture.

     Parent Educators Alissa Lambert and Jessica Wheatley related they would like thank the families who attended and the presenters, Kevin and Sarah for their time and the valuable information.

     Anyone who had a baby in 2011-March 2012 and is interested in the program can contact Alissa or Jessica at the Hope Center 554-5101 or on their website:

– Cherokee BabyFACE