School Board responds to CCS events

by Apr 3, 2012Front Page, NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

One Feather note: The following is a statement from the Cherokee School Board in response to events at the school involving student protests on Thursday, March 29. 

     The most recent events at Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) necessitate a response from the CCS School Board due to the negative publicity and impact on our school system, our students and the community. Providing a safe, productive and nurturing educational environment for our students is the top priority of the CCS School Board, our faculty and staff.

     Unfortunately, leadership is often privileged to information regarding personnel, personnel actions or inaction, and other situations that cannot be made public. From the publicity received by the latest personnel action at CCS, we understand the frustration and misconceptions that come as a result of our inability to share information because of its personal and confidential nature.

     Personnel actions, in accordance with CCS Policy and Procedure, are initiated and executed by the system’s Superintendent, and not the School Board, as the School Board is a component of the system’s personnel appeals process.