Marathon weekend for the Cherokee Runners

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     Members of the Cherokee Runners participated in the Covenant Health races on Sunday, April 1 in Knoxville, Tenn.  Angel, Priscilla and Nick Squirrel, along with Thomas Benedict, completed the half marathon (13.1 miles), while Chris Reed ran the full marathon and set a PR (26.2 miles at 5:02). 


Members of the Cherokee Runners at the Covenant Health races on Sunday, April 1 included (left-right) front row – Robin Swimmer, Gerri Grady, Stephan Swimmer and Chris Reed; back row – Elnora Thompson, Sean Grady, Marlene Arch and Thomas Benedict. (Not pictured: Angel, Priscilla and Nick Squirrel). (Photo courtesy of Gerri Grady)

    Two relay teams completed the marathon relay including team one:  Sean Grady (6.1 miles), Gerri Grady (6.3 miles), Robin Swimmer (7.9 miles) and Stephan Swimmer (5.9 miles) completed the course in a total of 4:30 and Team two:  Chris Reed (6.1 miles), Savannah Ferguson (6.3 miles), Marlene Arch (7.9 miles) and Elnora Thompson (5.9 miles) completed the course in a total of 4:45.  Chris Reed ran for team two as well as completing the full marathon.  The course has a fair amount of hills to conquer as well as a variety of road conditions and types. 

     The next event for the group will be the challenging Smoky Mountain Relay.  It is a 207-mile course that includes mountainous legs, trails, roadways and cross country conditions.  It is an exercise in endurance, perseverance and good will as the runners are on the course for about 36 hours from start to finish. 

     The Cherokee Runners organization encourages anyone that has fitness goals to join.  You don’t have to be fast and you don’t even have to run – just commit to walking.  Come and join us for meetings or group runs/walks.  Group activities include running/walking each Tuesday and Thursday at 6PM starting at the Flame.  Visit the group Facebook page or check out the website: