2012 Lawn Maintenance applications being taken

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– You must be a member of the EBCI.

– You or your spouse must be a Senior Citizen or Disabled.  If you do not have a spouse you must live alone or with persons under the age of 18.       

– Participants must reside on Tribal Lands within the five county service areas of Swain, Jackson, Graham, Haywood and Cherokee.

     The Lawn Maintenance season will be from April 2– Sept. 28.  Applications are available March 5-26 at Tsali Manor or the John Welch Senior Center. 

     Mowing and Lawn Maintenance will include a 50ft. perimeter around the home including carport if present.  Lawns mowed outside the 50ft. perimeter will be the home owner’s responsibility.

     You must maintain and keep your yard clean and safe for our mowing contractors.   Please remove any trash, debris, or other items that would prevent our mowing contractors from mowing your yard.  If your yard is not maintained it will not be mowed until you do so.

     You are responsible for marking any shrubs, flowers, and plants that you don’t want mistaken for weeds so that the mowers can distinguish between the two. 

– Tsali Manor HELP Program