One Feather Letters Policy changes

by Feb 16, 2012Front Page, NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

On Thursday, Feb. 16, the Editorial Board of the Cherokee One Feather adopted the following changes (shown in red) to the Letters Policy of the paper. 


     The Cherokee One Feather is available as a forum for any opinion or point of view concerning issues of general interest.  Letters should be typed, exclusive to the One Feather. Letters must be signed and should include a name, address and phone number.  Letters may not exceed 250 words.  Letters exceeding the word limit will not be accepted for publication.  Only the name and town (if writer resides outside of Cherokee) will be printed.   Letters critical of specifically-named minor children will not be published. 

      Unsigned letters will not be considered for publication at all.  The One Feather will not accept poetry submissions as a letter or requests for pen pals.

      If you wish to submit a commentary longer than 250 words, the subject matter must be pre-approved by the Editor and should be on one topic.  Commentaries submitted that were not pre-approved will not be accepted.