TEFAP Distribution for Cherokee Reservation

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     The TEFAP Distribution for this quarter will be held Tuesday, Feb. 28 from 9-11:45am and 1-3:45pm.  This distribution will be held at the Commodity Building on Old Mission Road.  Foods will be served on a first come, first serve basis.  This TEFAP distribution is ONLY for residents of the Qualla Boundary.  If you do not reside on the Qualla Boundary but live in Jackson or Swain counties, you should seek assistance from the Department of Social Services in those counties.  The TEFAP guidelines are different from the regular commodity program in this manner.  The regular commodity program allows you to live off the Qualla Boundary in Jackson and Swain counties and still get assistance if you have an enrolled member residing in your household and meet the other guidelines.  For this program, you must live on the Qualla Boundary.

     Guidelines for the TEFAP program remain the same as in the past.  If you receive assistance from Food Stamps or Commodities, you are eligible to receive the TEFAP foods.  If you do not receive Food Stamps or Commodities and meet the income guidelines at the bottom of the page, you will also be eligible.  Any question, please call 497-9751.

     People wishing to apply for the food products MUST come prepared to provide the following information:

– Name and physical address of household

– Total number of household members

– Total household monthly gross income, if not receiving Food Stamps or Commodity Foods

– VERY IMPORTANT:  If the head of household is not present when the application is made, a note from them must be presented giving you permission to apply on their behalf.  If a spouse is considered head of household on Food Stamps and the other spouse or another person living in the household is applying, then the head of household on the Food Stamp case must send a note giving that person permission to pick up their food.

– Authorized Representatives may only pick up for two households.  They may pick up for themselves and one other household or they may pick up for two households and not themselves. 

      Available items for this distribution are: green beans, beef stew, carrots, frozen chicken leg quarters, corn, mixed fruit, cranapple juice, orange juice, peaches, peas, dried plums, dehydrated potatoes, rice and diced tomatoes.  These items are served on a first come, first served basis.

Monthly Income Guidelines for TEFAP Program

1              $1,815.00

2              $2,452.00

3              $3,089.00

4              $3,725.00

5              $4,362.00

6              $4,999.00