VITA Tax Preparation for Senior Citizens and Disabled Persons

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Feb. 14 and 24 at Tsali Manor Senior Center

Items needed for appt:

  1. Wage(W-2), Per capita(1099-M), Interest(1099-I),Social Security (SSA-1099), if SSI (No form necessary), Pension or Retirement (1099-R) forms
  2. Daycare provider statement including provider tax ID
  3. Social Security Card and birth date of each individual listed on tax return
  4. Enrollment card for each individual eligible for NC Tax Exemption
  5. Driver’s license or other government picture ID for Proof of Identification
  6. Full Bank account number and routing number, if filing for electronic refund direct deposit.
  7. Any other information income or expense information needed to prepare tax return
  8. If filing electronically, Joint returns require both signatures during appointment
  9. Last year’s tax return (if possible)

     All documents must be provided at the time of appointment.  If not, your taxes cannot be properly processed and will require another appointment.  For an appointment, please call 554-6860

– Tsali Manor