Tsali Care Center holds first “Senior College” graduation

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     Learning is a life-long process.  The phrase “you learn something new every day” applies to babies as well as baby-boomers. 

“Senior College” graduates at Tsali Care (left-right) - Diane Turner, Marilyn Lambert, Barbara Stickland, Mollie Blankenship, Liz Calonaheskie and Victoria Kish. (Photo by Janice Barker/Tsali Care Center)

     With that in mind, Senior College was created as a way to engage seniors cognitively while creating goals and encouraging socialization.   This new approach to learning is now being used in several Assisted Living and a few Long Term Care facilities throughout our country.  

     When Tsali Care Center’s Activities Director Janice Barker heard about the program at a recent Conference, she immediately knew there were residents in Tsali Care Center who would thrive in this type of educational program. 

     “I came right back to the facility and shared what I had learned with my Administrator, David Hunt.  He said, ‘Go for it!’, as I knew he would,” said Barker.  “I met with the residents and they chose several topics of interest, and then narrowed it down, and the first course of study was called Exploring Our World—Travel.:”

     The class ran for eight weeks, and the only requirement was participation.  There were no tests or homework. 

     Class member Mollie Blankenship has literally traveled to every state in the country, and also outside of the US, so she was a great help in our studies.  Victoria Kish was born in Budapest, Hungary, and shared many of her travel memories. 

     The entire class enjoyed the material, which included information, travel puzzles, guest speakers, and visuals.  The whole experience was very meaningful as it engaged the residents, and in addition to all the regular activities at Tsali Care, it gave them something more to look forward to each week, exercised their cognitive skills, and instilled a sense of pride in working toward their certificate. 

     On Thursday, Oct. 27, six residents graduated from the first series of classes including: Liz Calonaheskie, Mollie Blankenship, Diane Turner, Marilyn Lambert, Victoria Kish, and Barbara Strickland.  Their families were invited to share this special occasion, and several did get to attend.  Each Graduate received a Certificate of Achievement.  The Tsali Care Center residents have already started a new class called Native American History, and are excited about their continuing education. 


– Tsali Care Center