EBCI to hold General Election

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                The members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians head to the polls on Thursday, Sept. 1 for the 2011 EBCI General Election.  Polls will be open from 6am – 6pm, and the EBCI Election Board has related that anyone in line at 6pm will be allowed to vote.   Elections will be held in each community/township. 

                According to the Election Board, a total of 6,707 tribal members are registered to vote on Thursday.  Birdtown has the most voters with 1,660 followed by Wolftown 1,093, Yellowhill 922, Painttown 861, Big Cove 761, Cherokee County 533, Snowbird 441 and Big Y 436. 

                Eight polling stations will be open for voters including:

– Birdtown Community Building, 1146 Birdtown Road

– Big Y Community Center – 2641 Wrights Creek Road

– Cherokee County Clinic – 328 Airport Road, Marble, NC 28905

– Snowbird Gym – 60 Snowbird School Road, Robbinsville, NC 28771

– Wolfetown Recreation Center – 27 Long Branch Road

– Painttown Gym – 1556 Paint Town Road

– Big Cove Recreation Center – 8715 Big Cove Road

– Yellowhill Community Building – 918 Acquoni Road

                The Election Board has certified the following list of official candidates:

Principal Chief

1. Michell Hicks

2. Patrick Lambert

3. Susan Toineeta (Write In)


Vice Chief

1. Larry Blythe

2. Teresa McCoy


Big Cove Council

1.Frankie Lee Bottchenbaugh

2. Bo Taylor

3. Perry Shell

4. Lori Taylor


Birdtown Council

1. Gene “Tunney” Crowe, Jr.

2. Jim Owle

3. Terri Lee Taylor

4. Faye McCoy


Big Y/Wolftown Council

1. Dennis Edward (Bill) Taylor

2. Mike Parker

3. Dwayne “Tuff” Jackson

4. Kathy “Rock” Burgess


Big Y School Board

1. John “Dick “ Crowe


Painttown Council

1. Tommye Saunooke

2. Marie Junaluska

3. Yona Wade

4. Terri Henry


Painttown School Board

1. Anthony Sequoyah

2. Charlotte Saunooke


Snowbird/Cherokee County Council

1. Diamond Brown

2. Adam Wachacha

3. Brenda Norville

4. Angela Rose Kephart


Yellowhill Council

1. Alan “B.” Ensley

2. David Wolfe

3. Jimmy Bradley

4. John D. Long


Yellowhill School Board

1. T.W. (Price) Saunooke

2. Doris Johnson (Write In)