Tai Chi now offered at Cherokee Life Center

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     Tai chi is a slow motion and low impact exercise that promotes health, mind, body and mental relaxation. It is practiced as an effective exercise for health through a series of flowing, graceful and gentle postures and movements.   


Kimsey Taylor (right), a certified Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi instructor, leads a class at the Cherokee Life Center. (Photo courtesy of the Cherokee Life Center)

    Classes are now being offered at the Cherokee Life Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:05-10:45am.  The class is taught by Kimsey Taylor, a certified Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi instructor, who is assisted by Skye Littledave and Lynn Taylor. 

     The gentle flowing movements contain inner power that can strengthen the body, improve mental relaxation and mobilize joints and muscles. It is especially suitable as a therapy for arthritis because of the slow and gentle movements.  Tai chi improves balance, strength, flexibility and lowers the risk of falls.  It also reduces pain, stiffness, stress and improves sleep quality. 

     Other benefits of Tai Chi are:  relieves knee osteoarthritis, improve physical function, self-efficacy, depression, overall health status, high blood pressure and tension headaches.  Tai Chi is a safe & gentle class without pain for those who carry extra weight to get moving.   If you have any medical conditions or medications that can cause dizziness, talk with your doctor before starting Tai Chi.  As with any new exercise program, contact your provider for their advice.    

     Info: Lynn Taylor 497-1969

– Cherokee Life Center