Tribe to host Festival of Native Peoples

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                The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians will play host to several tribal groups at the annual Festival of Native Peoples scheduled for Friday, Aug. 26 and Saturday, Aug. 27 at the Cherokee Indian Fairgrounds.    Groups from seven tribal groups, including two from Mexico, are slated to perform at the Festival. 


The Totonac Pole Flyers, from Vera Cruz, Mexico, perform at a previous Festival of Native Peoples. They are slated to perform again this year. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather)

               “The Festival of Native Peoples allows guests of the EBCI the opportunity to interact with tribes from around the continent,” said Robert Jumper, EBCI Travel & Tourism manager.  “What could take the average traveler months or even years to experience is provided at the Festival of Native Peoples in two exciting and action-packed days.” 

                Jumper said the local economy sees a boost due to the event.  “Our local attractions report significant increases in attendance during the Festival of Native Peoples and travelers have come from all over the world to experience the event in previous years.  The performers from the various nations also experience the rich culture of the Cherokee people while in town.” 

                “I hope that our friends from native tribes and our guests who come to see the performances have a great time of fellowship and learning at the Festival of Native Peoples.  Festival of Native Peoples would not be possible without the continuing support of the Cherokee Preservation Foundation.” 

                The following groups are on the schedule according to EBCI Travel & Tourism:  Cherokee Warriors – Cherokee, NC; Tsimshian – Kingston, Wash.; Osage – Pawhuska, Okla.; Aztec – Mexico; Totonac  Pole Flyers – Vera Cruz, Mexico; Dine’ – Joseph City, Ariz.; and Apache – San Carlos, Ariz. 

“Cherokee’s Festival of Native Peoples is a great event in a time of the year when tourism to our area begins to slow down as schools go back in session and the weather begins to turn cooler,” said Matthew Pegg, Cherokee Chamber of Commerce executive director.  “The festival provides a great late season boost to the hotels, restaurants and shops as participants typically are not local and need their services.”  

                “As far as a tourist draw, the Festival of Native Peoples is one of the best for people who want to experience the culture of various tribes.  It is one I look forward to every year.”


Schedule of Events

Friday, Aug. 26

11am – Gates open, demonstrations for school children

11:30am – Tsimshian

12pm – Osage

12:15pm – Aztec

12:30pm – Navajo

12:45pm – Apache

1pm – Totonac Pole Flyers

2pm – Cherokee Warriors

3pm – Osage

4pm – Tsimshian

5pm – Navajo

6pm – Aztec

7pm – Apache

8pm – Totonac Pole Flyers

Saturday, Aug. 27

11am – Gates open

12pm – Cherokee Warriors

1pm – Totonac Pole Flyers

2pm – Apache

3pm – Osage

4pm – Aztec

5pm – Tsimshian

6pm – Navajo

7pm – Totonac Pole Flyers