Music Review: “Pipestone: Tribute to the Old Timers”

by Jul 21, 2011A&E, Front Page0 comments



                Pipestone pays homage to many singers who helped them get to where they are today on their latest release entitled Tribute to the Old Timers. 

                The album opens a little slow with a straight, intertribal song, but kicks it into high gear on the second track entitled “Necklace Breaker” which, according to liner notes, was taught to the group by legendary singer Bill Runsabove. 

                A jingle side step song on track #4 lets you know that you’re definitely listening to an Ojibwe drum group as they flat kick it out.  Liner notes relate that the song was learned from Pete Gabow and the Little Otter drum from Milles Lacs, MN.  Nice song. 

                Another notable song is a crow hop made by Mike Sullivan, Sr.  Sung in the Ojibwe language, the song is peppy and the words fit perfectly into the crow hop style.  Plus, the words themselves are neat translating into English as, “They’re jumping all around, hopping all over the place when they dance.  They dance around the circle, bouncing all over the place.” 

                The 18-track album, recorded live at the 2010 Prairie Island Dakota Wacipi near Welch, MN, has a run time of 57 minutes. 

                Pipestone pays homage to many of their mentors and teachers on this album and kicks out some keen tunes in the process…check it out.