Cherokee Pow Wow Winners

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The Southern Sun drum group took first place in the Southern Singing Contest at the Cherokee July Pow Wow held June 24-26. (Photo by Kristy Maney)



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    Following is a list of winners from the Cherokee Pow Wow held June 24-26 at the Acquoni Expo Center:

Mens Traditional: Lonny Street
Fancy Shawl: Josette Wahwasuck
Old Style Jingle: Rowena Roberts
Teen Grass: Littlebear Locklear
Teen Jingle: Tara Goodfox
Jr Boys Traditional: Paidon Partin
Jr Boys Grass: Kal Richardson Boddie
Jr Girls Traditional: Isabella Goldsmith
Jr Girls Jingle: Naomi Swimmer
Jr Girls Fancy: Kevonna Tushka
hand drum: Little Pine

Southern Singing Contest
1st Southern Sun
2nd Cedartree
3rd Southern Eagle
4th MGD

Northern Singing Contest
1st Thunderbear
2nd A Wo Ha Li
3rd Powwow Travelers

Mens Straight
1st Ryan Goodfox
2nd Aaron Partin
3rd Paige Burgess
4th Jeff Whaley

Mens Chicken
1st Keith Sharphead
2nd John Locklear
3rd Billy Hunt
4th Luke Swimmer

Mens Fancy
1st Douglas Scholfield
2nd Eric Bird
3rd Josh Hill
4th Gabe Bullock

Mens Grass
1st Peanutt Roberts
2nd Micah Swimmer
3rd Josh Trejo
4th Shannon Ross

Mens Northern Traditional
1st Lonny Street
2nd Will Tushka
3rd Craig Merrick
4th Patrick Green

Mens Golden Age
1st Wilson Roberts
2nd Josiah James Hill
3rd RC Mowatt
4th Rick Bottchenbaugh
Womens Southern Cloth
1st Nakoa Chiltoskie
2nd Angie Thurman-Goodfox
3rd Tina Mullin
4th Dorothy Gray

Womens Jingle
1st Rowena Roberts
2nd Meredith Hedgepeth
3rd Shennelle Feather
4th Tooter Owens

Womens Fancy
1st Josette Wahwasuck
2nd Katy Isennock
3rd Verna Street
4th Tamra Lawry

Womens Northern Traditional
1st Nikki Crisp
2nd Stephanie Maney
3rd Quahna Mars
4th Polly Davis

Womens Golden Age
1st Sharon Roberts
2nd Sharon Partin
3rd Mary Bottchenbaugh
4th Maria Whitehorse

Teen Boys Fancy
1st Angel Bullock
2nd Shandai Poncho
3rd Muh-jutheen Roberts
4th Daniel Scholfield

Teen Boys Grass
1st Littlebear Locklear
2nd Chris Blue
3rd Julius Figueroa

Teen Boys Traditional
1st Tom Rollin
2nd Brandon Locklear
3rd Colby Whitethunder

Teen Girls Traditional
1st Tara Goodfox
2nd Kele Crisp
3rd Bryanna Chamberlain
4th Darian Chamberlain

Teen Girls Jingle
1st Sequoia Obe
2nd Kiana LeBeau
3rd Taylor Mullin
4th Jalyn Albert

Teen Girls Fancy
1st Oke-twa’sha Roberts
2nd Taylor Williams
3rd Alicia Scholfield
4th Shakyra Bottchenbaugh