Tribal Council Results – June 2

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Protest – Zane Bowman protest on Res. No. 670 (11) – Heir recognition – Walker Wolfe (d), Salkinney Wolfe (d), Josephine Wolfe (d) and Rebecca Wolfe (d) – Protest Denied, Resolution not numbered

Tabled Ord. No. 611 – Amendments to Personnel Policy – Tabled until after General Election

Tabled Res. No. 671 – Tony Bernhisel requests that Healing Waters Church be allowed to lease property located on Rough Branch, Wolftown Community for a new church – Remains Tabled

Tabled Ord. No. 690 – Cherokee Summer Homes Ord. – replacement of outdated teepees and carports – Passed

Tabled Ord. No. 691 – Request to rescind Ord. No. 959, reinstate Res. No. 58, and BIA Forestry, EBCI and Timber & Natural Resources submit amendments to EBCI Forest Management Plan that meets firewood cutting needs of both possessory holders and requirements of Endangered Species Act of 1973 – Remains Tabled

Tabled Res. No. 703 – Appointments to Sequoyah National Golf Club, LLC – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 736 – The Joint Adult Drug Court Grant – Passed

Res. No. 737 – Last will & testament of Grace Naomi Lambert Allison (d) – Passed

Res. No. 738 – William Mark Bird excluded as legal heir to Lee Andy Bird (d) since William Mark Bird’s enrollment with EBCI was terminated – Passed

Res. No. 739 – Last will & testament of Martha Agnes George Swilling (d) – Amended/Tabled

Res. No. 740 – Joshua Bryant Haigler requests Council grant right-of-way to his property located in Birdtown Community without signatures of John Daniel Roy and Keniethea Ann Haigler Roy – Killed

Res. No. 741 – Dee Anna Wike requests Council grant right-of-way to her property located in Birdtown Community without signatures of John Daniel Roy and Keniethea Ann Haigler Roy – Killed

Res. No. 742 – Agreement to division request for Martha Smith (d) heirs without signatures of John Alfred Smith, Dock Aden Smith Jr. and Linda Lou Smith Bryson – Withdrawn

Res. No. 743 – Successors in interest to Ruby Lee Reagan Toineeta (d) recognized – Passed

Res. No. 744 – Successors in interest to David Shawn Blanton, Jr. (d) recognized – Passed

Res. No. 745 – Success in interest to David Herman Lambert (d) recognized – Passed

No # given – Amendment to Operating Agreement to oversee management of Sequoyah National Golf Club LLC – Board Members – Hold until July Council Session

Res. No. 746 – Budget Amendment No. 2 for New Kituwah Academy – Addition of New Kituwah Academy Elementary Administrator – Passed

No # given – Request by T.J. Holland – Cherokee Sports Research project – Approved

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