Tribal Council Agenda – Thursday, May 5

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*** Timed Item

8:30am – Reports and Announcements

***9:20am – Sarah Sneed – Final Report on Governing Document Review Committee

***9:30am – Healthy Cherokee – Encephalitis Presentation to Public

***9:45am – Vetoed Ord. No. 580 – Per Capita Garnishment (Item No. 1)

***10:00am – Tabled Res. No. 671 – Tony Bernhisel requests to lease two acres of property located in Rough Branch, Wolftown Community, for construction of new Healing Waters Church (Item No. 2)

***10:10am – Request by Jeanell Youngbird that EOC building be named in honor of Trooper Shawn Blanton and rescind resolution naming bridge in downtown Cherokee (Item No. 3)

***10:20am – Tabled Res. No. 674 – Request that Tribal Res. No. 255 (10) be amended to include survey and transfers between Leona Jumper Wolfe (d) and Rachel Ethel Bird Lance for one acre of WT Comm. Parcel No. 1084-N without signature of Leona Jumper Wolfe (d) (Item No. 4)

***10:30am – Tabled Res. No. 675 – Last will & testament of Rachel Ethel Bird Lance (d) (Item No. 5)

10:40am – Request for Tribe to enter into contract with David Brown for the sale of property, and to execute all necessary documents to transfer said property to Mr. Brown upon payment of balance owed under mutual-help agreement to QHA – submitted by QHA (Item No. 6)

10:50am – Request for Tribe to enter into contract with Denny Crowe for the purchase of property and to execute all necessary documents to purchase said property from Mr. Brown for appraised value – submitted by Housing & Community Development (Item No. 7)

11:00am – Resolution submitted by Terri Henry regarding appointments to Sequoyah National Golf Course, LLC, Board of Directors (Item No. 8)

11:10am – Ordinances

–          Chapter 14 Criminal Law, Article XIV.A Controlled Substances (Item No. 9)

–          Chapter 14 Criminal Law, SORNA-compliant legislation – Sexual Assault (Item No. 10)

–          Chapter 14, Article X, Sex Offenders – amendment – minimal requirements as stated within Adam Walsh Act (Item No. 11)

–          Request that Ord. No. 532, Hunting & Fishing amendments, be rescinded – submitted by B. Ensley (Item No. 12)

11:20am – Tabled Ord. No. 611 – Amendments to Personnel Policy (Item No. 13)

11:30am – Housing Resolutions, Ordinances, Discussion tabled from April Council Session

–          Nancy Long requests that any attempt to merge QHA with Tribal Housing Development be placed on hold until proper federal offices investigate feasibility of such merger and Res. No. 563 (08) be rescinded (Item No. 14)

–          Request reorganization of Qualla Housing Authority and Tribal Housing Department, and all housing lists published monthly in Cherokee One Feather – Mike Parker and Bill Taylor (Item No. 15)

–          Amendment to Sec. 44 of Cherokee Code entitled “Housing” based on the direction of passed Res. No. 563 (08) (Item No. 16)

***Banishment items as necessary

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