Project Updates in Cherokee

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     The Eastern Band of Cherokee is constantly developing, and right now there are several projects on the horizon that I would like to update the community about. 

Principal Chief Michell Hicks

     The Tribal Construction Program is in the process of planning for a Cherokee Justice Center.  The architectural plans for this facility will be complete by September, and the bidding process for construction will take place right before and during the winter holidays.  Construction is expected to begin around springtime next year and should be completed by September 2015.

     The Haigler Project is currently being cleaned to remove all the asbestos.  Once this is complete demolition of the property will commence, which should be completed in early May.  This property will be used for HIP homes, which should be completed by September 2012. 

     The EBCI Transit program is moving their offices to the old Cherokees site beside the Cherokee Boys Club.  The groundbreaking for this project will be Thursday, April 21 and construction will begin early next week.  The building is expected to be complete by April 2012. 

     The Snowbird Youth Center is still in the planning stages.  There will be a community meeting in May with the architects to show a movie of the project with an artistic rendering of what it will look like.  Construction will begin at the end of this year and it will take 18-24 months to construct. 

     Plans for the Waste Water Treatment Plant are nearly complete.  Construction should begin in the Fall/Winter and should be completed by winter of 2014. 

     The plans for the Pump Station in Adams Creek are nearly finished.  The first phase of this project is ready for bids to be sent out for contractors.  The second phase requires Right of Ways to be signed by land owners prior to bidding.   

I hope this helps everyone understand where the Eastern Band is in our planning and construction.  Any questions or requests for further information can be directed to my office or the respective tribal program.  I will continue to update the community about these projects.