Wolfe to run for Miss Indian World

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Amanda Wolfe, shown signing autographs at the 2009 Red Clay Celebration while she was Miss Cherokee, is running for the Miss Indian World title. (SCOTT MCKIE B.P./One Feather photos)


Tribal Member tossing her hat into the arena for Title




                And, Miss Indian World for 2011 is…

                Amanda Wolfe, an EBCI tribal member, is hoping her name will finish that sentence.  She is registered as a contestant in the contest occurring April 28-30 in conjunction with the Gathering of Nations pow wow in Albuquerque, NM. 

                Wolfe has held three royalty titles for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians including Little Miss Cherokee, Junior Miss Cherokee and Miss Cherokee.  Having already received two Bachelor’s degrees (Psychology and Human Services) from Montreat College, she is set to receive her Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in School Counseling from Western Carolina University this December. 

                When asked what spurred her to run for Miss Indian World, she related, “I just decided that I was in the right place in my life and I was getting ready to complete my Master’s degree and I had been asked about it a couple of time and said, ‘well I’m not sure yet.’” 

                “Over the summer, I just felt that it was the right time for me,” she said.  “It’s always been a dream.  Why not try and at least see what happens?  Now, I feel like I am ready.” 

                “I’m hoping that I do my best,” said Wolfe.  “I’ve been practicing since January and I’ve had a lot of help from my coach Keredith Owens.” 

                With Owens’ help, Wolfe has put together a talent they feel is a show-stopper.  With the help of several other EBCI tribal members, she will perform the Bear Dance.  Bo Taylor will sing the song and Daniel Tramper, Will Tushka and Stephanie Maney will dance with Wolfe who will also explain the origins of the bear during her talent. 

                The talent portion of the competition is scheduled for Thursday, April 28 at 7pm at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Albuquerque.  Tickets to that portion of the competition are $12 at the door. 

                Wolfe said she is also excited to wear the 1700s era Cherokee clothing, a first for anyone at the Miss Indian World pageant. 

                “I think it’ll be different,” she said.  “We just sort of adopted the tear dress, but this is something we actually wore.  I’m looking forward to being asked about it.” 

                Wolfe said she is a little nervous about the public speaking competition, scheduled for Friday, April 29, but related she has been practicing with Owens.  “She’s been such a help.  She’s really worked with me well.” 

                Including Wolfe, 26 girls are registered for this year’s Miss Indian World competition.  To view a listing of all contestants, visit https://www.gatheringofnations.com/miss_indian_world/index.htm