Tribal Council Agenda – Thursday, April 14

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***Indicates timed item, individual has been notified at this specific time to be present

8:30 a.m. – Reports & Announcements

***9:20 a.m. – Child Advocacy – Request for time to speak on Child Abuse Prevention Month

***9:30 a.m. – Susie Jones – Request for time – QHA merger  

***9:40 a.m. – Housing Design Team – Request for time – Presentation of housing employee survey results

***9:50 a.m. – Annette Tarnawsky – Request for time

***10:00 a.m. – Cherokee Community Wellness Team – Request for time – Stoplight Guide Community Campaign 

***10:10 a.m. – Protest by Slick Saunooke on passed Res. No. 647 (2011) – New Kituwah Academy  (Item No. 1) 

***10:20 a.m. – Heirs of Walker Wolfe (d), Salkinney Wolfe (d), Josephine Wolfe (d), and Rebecca Wolfe (d) recognized as successors in interest to possessory holdings held by said individuals at their time of death  (Item No. 2)

***10:30 a.m. – Tony Bernhisel requests to lease two acres of property located in Rough Branch, Wolftown Community, for construction of new Healing Waters Church  (Item No. 3) 

***10:40 a.m. – John Bull Standingdeer requests that Tribe investigate feasibility of placing rock crusher on Tribal property as a business endeavor for EBCI  (Item No. 4)

***10:50 a.m. – Shan Standingdeer requests that transfer between himself and John Julius Wilnoty Jr. (d) be completed without the signature of Tennie Standingdeer Wilnoty  (Item No. 5) 

***11:00 a.m. – Nancy Long requests that any attempt to merge QHA with  Tribal Housing Development be placed on hold until proper federal offices investigate feasibility of such merger, and Res. No. 563 (08) be rescinded(Item No. 6) 

 ***11:10 a.m. – Request reorganization of Qualla Housing Authority and Tribal Housing Department, and all housing lists published monthly in Cherokee One Feather – Mike Parker & Bill Taylor  (Item No. 6-B) 

***11:20 a.m. – Request by Realty Dept. to amend Res. No. 255 (10) to include survey and transfers between Leona Jumper Wolfe (d) and Rachel Ethel Bird Lance (d), approval without signature of Leona Jumper Wolfe (d)   (Item No. 7) 

***11:30 a.m. – Last will & testament of Rachel Ethel Bird Lance (d) (Item No. 8)

 ***11:40 a.m. – Successor in interest to Charles Donnie Biello (d) recognized  (Item No. 9) 

***1:00 p.m. – Request that transfer of possessory interest to Mollie Taylor Littlejohn (d) heirs for WT Community Parcel No. 1270 be approved without the signatures of Mike Elliot Littlejohn, Charlotte Littlejohn Lossiah, Jim Daniel Littlejohn (d), Burton Littlejohn, Elsie Louise Taylor Wolfe (d) heirs:  June Deweese Wolfe, Eliza Jane Wolfe, Leonard Mose Littlejohn (d) heirs, Zaccheus Mose Littlejohn, Keisha Michelle Baggett, Sierra Diane Robinson  (Item No. 10) 

***1:10 p.m. – Request that transfer of possessory interest to Mollie Taylor Littlejohn (d) heirs for WT Community Parcel No. 1274 be approved without the signatures of David Dennis Taylor, Sr., Mike Elliot Littlejohn, Nellie Rita Littlejohn Sanchez, Molly Teresa Littlejohn, Charlotte Littlejohn, Jim Daniel Littlejohn, Burton Littlejohn, June Deweese Wolfe, Eliza Jane Wolfe, Zaccheus Mose Littlejohn, Keisha Michelle Baggett  (Item No. 11)

***1:20 p.m. – Last will & testament of William Paul Rose (d)  (Item No. 12)

1:30 p.m. – Appointment of Election Board member for Snowbird/Cherokee County due to resignation of Kenny Rogers  (Item No. 13)

1:40 p.m. – Request that current location of Tribal Transit at 117 John Crowe Hill Drive be designated for Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center once Tribal Transit Program moves to its new location   (Item No. 14)

1:50 p.m. – Adam Wachacha requests the implementation of an Immersion Program in the Snowbird Community  (Item No. 15)

2:00 p.m. – Adam Wachacha requests the evaluation process begin for a new Senior Citizen Center for the Snowbird Community  (Item No. 16)

2:10 p.m. – Diamond Brown requests Office of Attorney General begin drafting a comprehensive drug-testing policy for college students funded by the EBCI  (Item No. 17) 

2:20 p.m. – Tonya Carroll and Anna Fariello – Presentation of Cherokee Pottery Book

2:30 p.m. – Request by CDOT to remove Paulette Smart Road from BIA road inventory  (Item No. 18)

2:40 p.m. – Amendment to Forest Management Plan addressing installation and management of wildlife openings on Tribal lands  (Item No. 19)

2:50 p.m. – Timber Use Policy Statement  (Item No. 20)

3:00 p.m. – Boyd Owle appointed to Sequoyah National Golf Club Board of Directors  (Item No. 21)

3:10 p.m. – Transfer of existing homes and lots in Phase II of Heritage at Soco Valley to qualified members of EBCI at prices outlined in resolution   (Item No. 22) 

3:20 p.m. – First amendment to Amended and Restated Management Agreement between the EBCI and Harrah’s NC Casino Company, L.L.C.  (Item No. 23) 

3:30 p.m. – New Ordinances:

– Amendment to Sec. 44 of Cherokee Code entitled “Housing” based on  the direction of passed Res. No. 563 (08)  (Item No. 24)

– Cherokee Summer Houses – replacement of old teepees and carports in downtown Cherokee  (Item No. 25)

– Tribal Business Preference Law – submitted by TERO and Office of Attorney General  (Item No. 26)

– Rescinding of Ord. No. 959, reinstatement of Res. No. 58, and request  amendment to EBCI Forest Management Plan that best meets firewood cutting needs of possessory holders and requirements of Endangered Species Act of 1973  (Item No. 27) 

3:40 p.m. – Tabled Ordinances: 

– Tabled Ord. No. 562 – Business Preference Law  (Item No. 28) 

– Tabled Ord. No. 610 – Minors Fund  (Item No. 29)

– Tabled Ord. No. 611 – Amendments to Personnel Policy  (Item No. 30)

3:50 p.m. – Tabled Res. No. 639 – Forest Management Plan addressing installation and management of wildlife openings on Tribal lands (Item No. 31)

4:00 p.m. –***Banishment items as necessary – Request to banish Zara Ellis Sandler (Item No. 32)

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