Hope Center receives Grant

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Monies will help start-up a new Baby FACE Program




      The Hope Center was recently selected to be part of a $14.23 million dollar grant through the Parents as Teachers program. The Hope Center, which is a part of Cherokee Central Schools, provides developmental services to the children in our community.

      The Parents as Teachers grant will support the program, Baby FACE.  Baby FACE is a program that will allow Parent Educators to provide parent education in the home.  The Parent Educators will incorporate activities the parent can do with their child in the home to help promote and aide the child’s development. These activities will incorporate the family’s culture and language as well.

     It is a referral based program that will accept parents who has or will have a child born in 2011 and are enrolled members. The families will be able to work through the program for up to 3 years of age.  The two new Parent Educators that will be serving the community, under the supervision of Beth Pedersen, are EBCI tribal members Matt Martens and Alissa Lambert.

      Info: Hope Center at 554-5101.