Native American Artist Exchange Program accepting applications

by Mar 21, 2011Happenings0 comments

     A Native American artist traveled to Minnesota to learn birch bark biting. A performance artist traveled to Vermont to create 10 fish-skin lanterns with an Abenaki basketmaker. An Arizona artist produced a public arts project about the border fence that crosses Tohono O’odham land and asked an artist and activist to perform on the flute at busy times of the day. Four Native American artists from New England traveled to Cherokee to meet their counterparts for a weekend of sharing.

     These projects were all funded by the Native American Artist Exchange sponsored by the New England Foundation for the Arts. Cherokee exchanges were also supported by the Cherokee Preservation Foundation. Travel funding is available for Native American artists to visit artists from other tribes to learn, teach, collaborate or research.  The program is available to traditional or contemporary,  visual or performing artists.

     Artists who wish to participate must find an artist to exchange with, communicate with that artist to develop a plan for the exchange, and turn in a proposal to the New England Foundation for the Arts at least 60 days before the exchange is to take place. NEFA will give grants for up to $1,500. to the traveling artist.

     RTCAR is available to assist in finding a New England artist for you to exchange with, develop a proposal, timeline and budget, go over the application process, and polish up your application materials. This is a great opportunity for Cherokee artists who wish to learn how other Native American artists develop or present their work. Please contact Beth at RTCAR (Revitalization of Traditional Cherokee Artisan Resources) at 554-6925, by April 10 if you are interested in finding out more.