IHS Summer Extern Program

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IHS scholarship recipients as well as other health professions students can be employed as an IHS extern for 30 to 120 workdays per calendar year. Health Professions scholarship recipients are entitled to an externship and therefore receive priority placement. Extern assignments are available during non-academic periods. Students are assigned to Indian health programs in their chosen health or allied health career categories. This opportunity provides students with a hands-on instructive experience that complements the knowledge and skills developed in school.

The IHS Extern Program is an opportunity to gain hands-on instructive experience in a clinical setting before you graduate. IHS externships are available to students who are:

  • US citizens — permanent resident aliens and other noncitizens are not eligible to apply
  • Enrolled in an academic health or allied health profession program or career track
  • In good academic standing — undergraduate or graduate students with a 2.0 grade point average or above


Contact Larissa Walker, Oklahoma Area Scholarship Coordinator, at (405) 951-3750 or Larissa.walker@ihs.gov for Application forms or for more information regarding the IHS Summer Extern Program.  The deadline to apply for the IHS Summer Extern Program is March 11.