Wilnoty convicted, sentenced to 1 year

by Mar 4, 2011Front Page, NEWS ka-no-he-da0 comments

                Laranzo Wilnoty, 24, was convicted on Wednesday, Feb. 23 in the Cherokee Tribal Court for Breaking/Entering, Larceny and Probation Violation and was sentenced to one year imprisonment by the Honorable J. Matthew Martin, Cherokee Court Judge.

                “I want to thank the Cherokee Indian Police Department and Detective Danny Iadonisi for his hard work in the investigation of this case which helped make these convictions possible,” said Tribal Prosecutor Jason Smith.  “I would also like to thank Tribal Probation Officer John Nations and his department for their vital work on this case.” 

                Smith continued, “I think that this sentence makes it clear that cases of Breaking and Entering and Larceny, particularly by repeat offenders, will be treated seriously by the Office of the Tribal Prosecutor and by the Cherokee Court.  I think it is important to realize that this sentence is probably greater than sentences that the state courts are issuing in these types of cases.”

                Wilnoty had a record of prior convictions for Breaking/Entering and Larceny in Tribal Court. 

–  Office of the Tribal Prosecutor