Tribal Council Agenda – Thursday, Feb. 3

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*** Indicates a timed item

8:30am – Reports & Announcements

***9:00am – Teresa McCoy – request for time to address Council

***9:10am – Tara McCoy – request for time – Cherokee Choices

***9:20am – Robin Callahan – request for time – Cherokee Community Wellness Team

***9:30am – Protest on passed Res. No. 569 (2011) by Zane Bowman (Item No. 1)

***9:40am – Amendment to Res. No. 613 (06) to assign Edith C. George (d) and Virgil Dennis Crowe WT Comm. Parcel No. 1356-G (Item No. 2-A)

***9:50am – Last will and testament of Edith Crowe George (d) (Item No. 2-B)

***10:00am – Successors in interest to Shirley Malene Youngbird Thomas (d) recognized (Item No. 3)

***10:10am – Request for renewal appointments of Brenda Oocumma and Michael Smith for 4-year terms on Cherokee Broadband Enterprise Board (Item No. 4)

***10:20am – Request for Council approval of FY2011 Cherokee Police Commission Work Plan (Item No. 5)

10:30am – Request that Council authorize Cherokee DOT to enter into contractual agreement with BIA for Road Maintenance Program (Item No. 6)

10:40am – Ordinances submitted for Council consideration:

–          Request to amend Ord. No. 873 (09) Sec. 16C-6 of Cherokee Code, addition of new Subsection (m) as follows: “The government of the EBCI is forever prohibited from accessing the minors and other legal incompetents fund for any reason whatsoever.”  (Item No. 7)

–          Amendments to Personnel Policy (Item No. 7-B)

10:50am – Tabled Ordinances:

–          Tabled Ord. No. 532 – Hunting & Fishing Ord. Amendments (Item No. 8)

–          Tabled Ord. No. 561 – Fire Prevention Ord. (Item No. 9)

–          Tabled Ord. No. 562 – TERO Ord. Amendments (Item No. 10)

–          Tabled Ord. No. 580 – Request that Per Capita garnishments be allowed to pay for DNA testing (Item No. 11)

** Banishment items as necessary.

–  Source: TOP Office