Ko-La-Nv-Yi Kids Youth Group holds Meeting

by Jan 25, 2011COMMUNITY sgadugi0 comments


The Ko-La-Nv-Yi Kids Youth Group met on Saturday evening, Jan. 23 at the Big Cove Recreation Center.  They enjoyed a hot dog and a bag of pop corn, provided by the community. 

Darrell Ross went over the rules, previously adopted by the group, and then the meeting focused on what the kids wanted and what they would be willing to do to get it.  Some ideas included a trip to either Six Flags, a zoo, Dollywood, Ripley’s Aquarium, a lake, camping and much more. 

Some ideas for fundraising or providing a community service included shoveling driveways for our elders, bingo, making artwork and many other good ideas.  The kids plan on getting started with a craft project on Feb. 5.

Adult volunteers are encouraged to attend.  Thanks to Darrell, Margaret, Totsie, Mariah, Joni, Samantha for showing up and helping the children.

All Big Cove children are invited to participate.  The meetings will be at the Recreation Center.  Any children needing a ride should contact Totsie 497-7172 or 497-5853.