Cherokee Runners participate in Hot Chocolate 10K

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Over the last few weeks, the Cherokee Runners have been working out mostly at the Cherokee Life Fitness Center on treadmills, elliptical machines, stationary bikes, the weight room and the track.  It can be a challenge to keep fitness levels up during the cold winter months, particularly when there are heavy snows. 

Some of the Cherokee Runners participated in the Isaac Dickson Elementary School Hot Chocolate 10K held recently in Asheville including: (left-right) Marlene Arch, Gerri Grady, Robin Swimmer, Sean Grady, Danielle Lossiah, and Pam Sneed. Stephan Swimmer (not pictured) also participated. (Photo courtesy of Gerri Grady)

The second race of 2011 was the Isaac Dickson Elementary School Hot Chocolate 10K in Asheville.  The course starts with a nice downhill run that levels off for 6 miles.  The last two tenths of a mile is the challenge as it is a moderately steep uphill finish.  The Cherokee Runners accepted this challenge with determination and grit (as well as a few grimaces).  Running in this event were:  Steph and Robin Swimmer, Sean and Gerri Grady, Brooke Lossiah, Marlene Arch and Pam Sneed.  Our cheering section was Dawna Paul and Karleigh Reeves.  This year, Elnora Thompson, Skye Littledave and Chad Bowman volunteered to help with the event.  Elnora worked the last water stop on the course while Chad and Skye acted as marshals at the 3-mile mark. 

A presentation by Tom Burns, Physical Therapist, was made at the Jan. 14 regular meeting of the Cherokee Runners.  He discussed various injuries that can occur while training and how to cope with them.  Burns made his presentation using a Power Point with handouts.  Future presentations will include long distance running and group members will also present their personal goals and objectives. 

The next run that the group will participate in is the Trail of Tears 7-Mile run at Red Clay, Tenn.  Anyone that is interested in joining is encouraged to attend the Feb. 1 regular meeting at Age Link at 5pm.