Federal Court Briefs from Jan. 19

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Littlejohn, Taylor plead to Robbery

Emery Lee Littlejohn, 24, and Paul Kenneth Taylor, 20, both EBCI tribal members, pled to a single count of robbery (18 USC 2111) in U.S. District Court on Wednesday, Jan. 19 pursuant to a plea agreement.  They were originally charged with robbery, burglary and kidnapping.  According to the criminal complaint, Taylor and another co-defendant (whose was continued) forced their way into a private residence with an Airsoft pistol that looked like a gun and restrained the family while they robbed them.  Littlejohn was the getaway car driver.  They were arrested by Cherokee Indian Police after a traffic stop near the scene.  Both confessed.

Three enter Guilty Pleas to Robbery

George Lee Hernandez, 20, John Ray West II, 43, and Stephen Russell Dean McCoy, 23, all EBCI tribal member, entered pleas of guilty to robbery in U.S. District Court on Jan. 19.  Hernandez and West pled guilty to one count each of robbery (2111) and McCoy pled to two counts of robbery, all pursuant to plea agreements.  According to the criminal complaint, the three robbed several businesses in Cherokee using either knives, a baseball bat, or an Airsoft pistol.  All three confessed.  The Cherokee Indian Police Dept. and the FBI worked this case jointly.

George pleads to Statutory Rape, Larceny

John William George, 20, an EBCI tribal member, pled guilty to two federal indictments in U.S. District Court on Jan. 19.  He pled guilty to statutory rape (18 USC 2243 in 2:10CR28) and to larceny of a firearm (18 USC 924(1) in 2:10CR32).  He entered his guilty pleas pursuant to a plea agreement.  The Cherokee Indian Police Department and ATF jointly worked the investigation of the cases. 

No sentencing information was offered on any of the above cases. 

–  Source: DOJ