NCCE offers help to American Indian Students

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                The National Center for Cooperative Education in Natural Resources (NCCE) was established in May 1997.  Located on the campus of Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, KS, the purpose of NCCE is to better serve American Indian and Alaska Native students interested in pursuing careers in natural resource fields with tribes, the BIA or other natural resources agencies.

                NCCE offers students tuition assistance up to $5,000 annually.  In addition, it also offers the following:  summer employment ($10-$12/hour) related to academic field of study, employment opportunities after graduation, and benefits (life insurance, health, vacation and sick pay, and retirement).  The application deadline is March 5 of each year.

                The minimum requirements for the NCCE program include:

  • Have finished the freshman year in college, be in good academic standing, and accepted to attend or attending an accredited college or university
  • Pursuing at a minimum a bachelor’s degree
  • Majoring in a natural resources field such as: Forestry, Soil Conservation, Range Management, Geographic Information Systems, Wildlife Management, Watershed/Hydrology, Fisheries Management, and Civil Engineering
  • Interested in a career working with Tribes, the BIA or other natural resources agencies. 

The application process consists of submitting the following:

  • Completed federal employment form (OF 612) or resume.  The form may be found online at and the resume must include all the information requested in the OF612.
  • Completed “Verification of Indian Preference for Employment” (Form BIA 4432)
  • Letter of application including your perception of your academic and applied strengths – A description of your career goals and objectives
  • Letter of recommendation from academic advisor or faculty member that includes:  How long and in what capacity the advisor or faculty member has known you as a student – His or her perception of your academic and practical application strengths – Any other pertinent information
  • Proof of enrollment or acceptance into a college forestry or natural resources program
  • Transcript and current class schedule
  • Letter of support from Tribal or BIA area or agency natural resources staff

Send application package to: Brenda Woods-Brown, Natural Resources Liaison Office, Haskell Indian Nations University, 155 Indian Avenue, Box 5018, Lawrence, KS 66046.

Info:  Brenda Woods-Brown (785) 749-8493, cell (785) 691-8223, or Elaine Kiefer (785) 749-8427, cell (785) 691-8224,, or visit

– Source: BIA