Arneach speaks in Haywood County

by Jan 19, 2011A&E0 comments

Lloyd Arneach Sr., an EBCI tribal elder from the Yellowhill Community, speaks to members of the Haywood County Arts Council and about 90 members of the general public on Sunday, Jan. 16. He spoke about Cherokee history and art (tomahawks, blowgun and darts, baskets, etc.) as well as tribal government such as how EBCI leaders are elected and what their terms of service are. In addition, he told several stories including: How the Strawberry Came to Be, The Hummingbird and Tobacco, a behind-the-scene story of Dances with Wolves as told to him by the late Floyd Redcrow Westerman, and a moving story about The Seagull and Military Personnel. (DAWN ARNEACH/One Feather contributor)