Cherokee Archery

by Mar 24, 2010SPORTS di-ne-lv-di-yi0 comments

Cherokee Archery has changed its meeting time to Tuesdays at 5 at TRIBAL GROUNDS COFFEE.

We have elected a Chairman (Sam Swaney) and Vice Chair (Tommy Cabe) and will elect the Secretary and Treasurer at the next meeting.

 Our next meeting will focus on fund raising and preparing for our first fund-raising tournament.

If you have skills or interest in shooting Longbow, Recurve, or Compound bows consider being a part of the Cherokee Archers.

We intend to be involved in many aspects of Archery such as:  hunting, harvesting animals, making of traditional Cherokee bow, arrow, arrow head, quiver, traditional archery culture and practices of our tribe, archery excursions, instituting archery as a competitive sport in the school system,  shooting state/regional/national archery competitions.