'Scrapping Squirrels' and 'Do Work' win NAYO Qualifier

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Two players fight for the ball during the NAYO Qualifer held in the Snowbird Community on Saturday, March 20. (Photo by Dawn Arneach/One Feather)

The Scrapping Squirrels took 1st place in the girl division and the Do Work team took 1st place in the boys division of the NAYO Qualifier basketball tournament held Saturday, March 20 in the Snowbird Community.  OutKast came in 2nd place in the girls division and Ko-La-Nv-Yi Swagga came in 2nd place in the boys division. 

The members of the Scrapping Squirrels, coached by Peaches Squirrel and Chelsea Saunooke, include: Paige Jackson, Celine Lambert, Jordyn Thompson, Kayla Smith, Rayna Davis, Tashina Martin & Tahnee Arkansas, coached by Peaches Squirrel & Chelsea Saunooke.

The members of Do Work, coached by Tim Smith and Drew Grant, include:  Buster Arch, Nekyle Lossiah, Raymius Smith, Mark Kanott, Jeremy Wolfe, Gregory Tisho, Eli Crowe, Buddy Arch, Forrest Stamper, Poncho Ramirez and Kyle Smith. 

The members of OutKast, coached by Brandon Burgess and Dewayne Lossiah, include:  Jordan Maples, Valerie Arkansas, Deija Burgess, Aisha Owle, Taylor Bird, Alea Tisho, Stevie Sutton, Callie Phillips, Alexa Armachain and Darian Bradley.

The members of Ko-La-Nv-Yi Swagga, coached by Pat Hill include:  Kyle Pheasant, Darius West, Dalton West, Allen Ledford Jr., Jay Bradley, Martin Medina and Cory Ross.

Other teams competing in the qualifier included:  Girls – Reservation Devastation coached by John Ayers and Native Impact coached by Kenny Garrett; Boys – Cherokee Trophics coached by Samuel Owle, Luke Swimmer and Kyle Lossiah; Might Ducks coached by Ron Spates; Snowbird coached by Isaac Teesateskie and Adam Wachacha; 828 Boyz coached by Aaron Hogner and Josh Littlejohn; and the Warriors coached by Chena George.

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