Tribal Council Results – March 4

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Tabled Res. No. 99 – Council authorize payment to Sylvester and Loretta Crowe for final payment of demolition of their house located in Big Cove Community – Withdrawn

Tabled Ord. No. 122 – Travel Report Ordinance – submitted by Terry Taylor – Withdrawn

Tabled Res. No. 136 – IRR Roads Resolution – Withdrawn

Tabled Ord. No. 160 – Business Background Checks Ord. – Remains Tabled
Tabled Ord. No. 161 – Amendment to Enrollment Ord. (replacement) – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 191 – Gunnie Bradley and Francine Watty desire assessment for new Children’s Home – Tabled

Res. No. 192 – Francine Watty requests Legal Dept. assist with legislation regarding garnishment of per capita for those owing decedent’s estate per court order – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 193 – George Martin requests Council members Diamond Brown Jr. and Teresa McCoy assist in obtaining Tribal information pertaining to Reply Brief dated Feb. 24, 1930 – Passed

No # given – Amendment to Res. No. 622 (99) regarding Housing Infrastructure – addition of “basement” to section – Hold

Res. No. 194 – Successors in interest to Anna Belle L. Cucumber (d) recognized – Passed

Res. No. 195 – Request for approval for transfer between Anna Belle L. Cucumber (d) and Albert Earl Martin, Jr. for WT Parcel No. 398-M – Passed

Res. No. 196 – Last will and testament of Elsie Irene B. Huskey (d) – Passed

Res. No. 197 – Successors in interest to Ernest Sneed (d) recognized – Passed

Res. No. 198 – Daniel L. Brady assigned Birdtown Comm. Parcel No. 736-A – Passed

Res. No. 199 – Ray L. Stamper Jr. assigned Wolftown Comm. Parcel No. 954-A – Passed

Res. No. 200 – Request for Council to approve right-of-way to Birdtown Comm. Parcel No. 16-L without signature for Rebecca Dawn Cabe Bristol – Passed

Res. No. 201 – Request for Council to approve right-of-way to Snowbird Comm. Parcel No. 392-G without signature of Encie Josephine Bird – Passed

Res. No. 202 – Resolution to establish standard rule of Tribal Council to read in Cherokee language – Passed

Res. No. 203 – Christopher D. Larch assigned reversionary interest in Birdtown Comm. Parcel No. 762 – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 204 – Successors in interest to John Daniel Toineeta (d) recognized – Passed

Res. No. 205 – Successors in interest to Boyd Taylor (d) recognized – Passed

Res. No. 206 – Dolly Castillo, Henry J. Wachacha, Wilma D. Amos assigned Marenna W. Locklear’s (d) interest in Big Cove Comm. Parcel No. 170-K – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 207 – Assignment of Mutual –help houses – Amended/Passed
No # given – Gary Ledford desires to establish EBCI Honor Guard – Hold

Res. No. 208 – Request that Council authorize Tribal Housing Division to increase Hyatt Cove Development Project to encompass 20 more acres – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 209 – Council authorize Principal Chief to sign documentation required by NIGC pursuant to submissions made by Manager under Sec. 12.4 of management contract – submitted by TCGE – Tabled

Res. No. 210 – FY2010 Tribal Road Inventory and LRTP be updated, amended, and approved – Amended/Passed

Res. No. 211 – Resolution to establish a Governing Document Review Committee – Amended/Tabled

Res. No. 212 – Resolution to establish a Tribal Intergovernmental Committee – Killed

Res. No. 213 – Resolution to prepare for 2011 Tribal Census – Amended/Passed

No # given – Former High School site located on Acquoni Road be officially designated as future location of Cherokee Indian Hospital and other health programs as determined – Withdrawn

Ord. No. 214 – Political Obstruction of Justice Ord. – Tabled

Ord. No. 215 – Amendment to Ch. 113 – Hunting & Fishing – Tabled

Ord. No. 216 – Elections Ord. Amendments – Tabled

Ord. No. 217 – Flood Damage Prevention Ord. – Tabled

Ord. No. 218 – Cherokee Police Commission Ord. – Tabled

Res. No. 219 – Office of Environmental & Natural Resources authorized to seek funding through EPA up to $100,000 through GAP – Passed

Res. No. 220 – Cherokee Broadband Enterprise Board of Advisors authorized to submit grant application to Broadband Initiatives Programs seeking up to $6 million for construction of wireless/fiber net as part of community broadband system – Passed