2010 Extension Fruit & Berry Sale

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Source:  Sarah McClellan, EBCI Cooperative Extension

Extension will be taking orders for berry plants until March 19th. Listed below is the 2010 availability. To order, stop by the EBCI Cooperative Extension office at 876 Acquoni Raod, Cherokee, NC. For more information call Sarah at (828) 554-6935 or Valorie at (828) 554-6931.

Asparagus (Jersey Night)                $1.00 ea

Blackberries (Triple Crown – thornless)     $3.00 ea

Blueberries (All Highbush) Varieties will be mixed for proper pollination        $6.00 ea.  These are 2-3 year old, well-branched, POTTED blueberries!

Black Raspberries (Jewel)               $3.00 ea

Red Raspberries (Heritage)                        $3.00 ea

Strawberries                                                $5.00 per 25; $18.00 per 100 (of one variety)          

            Seascape – ever-bearing, very productive, large fruit, and disease resistant

            Earliglow – early, medium-large, great taste

Checks can be made payable to: Extension Office Fund. Payment will need to made at the time of order. Checks and order can be mailed to Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Cooperative Extension, P.O. Box 456   Cherokee, NC  28719 or, dropped off at 876 Acquoni Road, Cherokee, NC 28179. 

NEW Pick-up instructions this year!!! Pick-up this year is at the Center for Cherokee Plants (2419  Governor’s Island Road – Hwy 19 across form Galbreath Creek Road) on Wednesday, April 14 from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm ONLY. Because these are bare-root plants and need to be planted right away, we can not hold plants beyond the pick-up date. Orders that are not picked up on Wednesday will be resold beginning Thursday morning.

Also NEW this year, Planting Demonstrations at 10:30 am, 11:30 am, 12:30 pm  & 1:30 pm at the Center for Cherokee Plants. Increase your success of growing a strong crop by learning how to plant these fruits and berries correctly. Planting and care information will be available. For more information call 554-6935.