Tribal Council Agenda – Friday, Oct. 30 at 8:30am

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***Indicates timed item, individual has been notified to be present

***8:30 a.m. – Reports & Announcements

 ***8:45 a.m. – Amanda Swimmer – request for time to discuss guardrails on Straight Fork where bus turns around at her home

 ***9:00 a.m. – Big Cove Representative Teresa McCoy protest on passed Res. Nos. 1031 & 1032  – Tabled Res. No. 22 (09)  (Item No. 1)

 ***9:10 a.m. – JC Wachacha desires a resolution to reinforce Res. No. 1009 passed by Council on Sept. 8, 2009   (Item No. 2)

 ***9:20 a.m. – Josh Squirrel desires compensation in the amount of $3,520 for work loss from untimely issuance of a rock permit  (Item No. 3) 

 ***9:30 a.m. – Kituwah Academy Immersion Parent Group requests donation of $500 per Res. No. 839 (01)  (Item No. 4)

 ***9:40 a.m. – Big Cove Head Start Parent Group requests donation of $500 per Res. No. 839 (01)  (Item No. 5)

***9:50 a.m. – Tribal Council reclaim sovereign status and powers under Constitution of EBCI commonly known as Chapter 207 of Private laws of NC, recognizing the Constitution of the EBCI as the bylaws of the municipal corporation  – submitted by Nancy Long  (Item No. 6) 

 ***10:00 a.m. – Requests that all subsidies of private enterprises shall stop immediately – TERO  must notify private enterprise sector they shall maintain 50% Tribal members on Trust lands  – submitted by Nancy Long  (Item No. 7)

 ***10:10 a.m. – EBCI cease practice of allowing BIA, Division of Forestry, control and manage Tribal property – submitted by Donald Long  (Item No. 8)

 10:20 a.m. – Request that Council acknowledge the 75th Anniversary of the Blue Ridge Parkway  (Item No. 9)

 10:30 a.m. – Request for grant application for Rural General Public Program – Transit  (Item No. 10)

 10:40 a.m. – Appointment of seven individuals to Harrah’s Management Agreement Committee   (Item No. 11)

 10:50 a.m. – Amendment to Telecommunications Towers Ordinance  (Item No. 12) 

 11:00 a.m. – Tribal Housing Division authorized to build a road and survey 12-17 house sites on Tribal Reserve off Hyatt Cove Road in Wolftown Community  (Item No. 13)

 11:10 a.m. – Expansion of Highway 19 – public service projects – eminent domain of Painttown Community Parcel 90-B owned by Steve Beck  (Item No. 14) 

 Other items necessary to conclude Annual Council