Three Cherokee Youth Teams make playoffs

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 One Feather staff report
      Three teams from Cherokee are set to be in the Smokey Mountain Conference Youth football playoffs this weekend.  The Braves Termites, Mites and Midgets all made the playoffs set for Saturday, Oct. 31 at two venues. 
      The playoffs will actually start on Tuesday, Oct. 27 at 6pm at Murphy High School as the Hayesville Midgets will take on the Andrews Midgets in a tie-breaker game to see who will face the Cherokee Midgets. 
      Per Ray Kinsland, following is the full schedule for Saturday, Oct. 31:

New Cherokee High School 
10am – Jackson Co. Pee Wees (#1) v. Murphy Pee Wees (#4)
11am – Robbinsville Termites (#1) v. Murphy Termites (#4)
12:30pm – Jackson Co. Mites (#1) v. Cherokee Mites (#4)
2pm – Cherokee Midgets (#1) v. winner from Tuesday night

Murphy High School
10am – Swain Pee Wees (#2) v. Hayesville Pee Wees (#3)
11am – Cherokee Termites (#2) v. Jackson Co. Termites (#3)
12:30pm – Swain Mites (#2) v. Hayesville Mites (#3)
2pm – Murphy Midgets (#2) v. Jackson Co. Midgets (#3)
      The Cracker Bowl is scheduled for Andrews High School on Saturday, Nov. 7 with the following game times:  Pee Wees 2pm, Termites, 3pm, Mites 4:30pm, Midgets 6pm.