Thank you for support during illness

by Nov 16, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


I just want to thank everyone for the love that has been shown to us while having COVID and sickness. I love our community and how everyone comes together to help someone in need. Being quarantined is no fun, but our people made it worth it. Eva wants to thank all the people that came by to visit from a distance and dropped goodies off to her, especially during Halloween when she couldn’t go out. She got more than enough candy and treats. I want to thank the Contact Tracing team for checking on us – especially to Kristina Hyatt and Mary Jo Taylor. These ladies went above and beyond and we appreciate their work and for checking up on us. To everyone that brought delicious food, we can’t tell y’all how much we appreciated it. It helped us out tremendously! Thank y’all for the prayers, texts, calls, and positive vibes. It meant so much to us, and I will definitely pay it forward when the time comes. Lastly, I just want to say to practice the three Ws! I can’t stress that enough. We’re thankful our symptoms weren’t as bad as they could’ve been, but it was enough to knock us down for a few days. Please keep everyone and yourself safe!


Dean, Mariah, and Eva