THANK YOU: Thank you for benefit support

by Sep 29, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


On behalf of the Feather Girls, I would like to say our deepest appreciation to Nikki’s Frybread, Toni Tahquette, Connie Atine, Food Lion, the Cherokee Fairgrounds staff, Patty Grant Edgemon, Sissy Toineeta, Marsha Jackson, Frances Reed, Natalie Grant, Geraldine Thompson, Kathy ‘Rock’ Burgress, Sherry Welch, and to all those who came out to support us while me make arrangements for doctor visits, payments, and costs incurred for travel. I would also like to say a special thank you to Cindy and Patrick Lambert, B and Libby Ensley, and Amy Grant and family. The Feather FryBread Fundraiser was one the best yet. 


Jatanna Feather