Big Y takes top honor at EBCI Community Development Awards

by Sep 16, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


Bunsey and Trudy Crowe, of the Big Y Community Club, accept a $1,000 check on behalf of the Club which won the Gadugi Community of Distinction Award at the EBCI Community Development Awards given out on Monday, Sept. 14. (EBCI Cooperative Extension photos)

The 2019-2020 EBCI Community Development Awards were given out at the recent Cherokee Community Club Council meeting on Monday, Sept. 14.  The Gadugi Community of Distinction was awarded to the Big Y Community Club.

The Big Y Community Club continues to stand out by the various new ideas and programs they create to meet the needs of their community. Highlights of their programs were: “A Handful of Purpose” an outreach program to the homeless and those in need. This program provides a shower, hot meal, a goody bag of toiletries, socks, and snacks. A community women’s support Group; community food pantry;  library/reading program; Free Labor Group; roadside clean-up; Side by Side Ride to raise money for their Free Labor Group and their most recent program the “Study Hall” a program providing a place for students of their community to do virtual learning. They reported 40 volunteers and recorded 1,491 volunteer hours. Big Y Community Club received a check for $1,000.

Other Awards presented were:

  • Gadugi Community of Promise: Yellowhill Community Club and Wolftown Community Club, each received a check for $800
  • Gadugi Engaged Community: Big Cove Community Club, Birdtown Community Club, and Towstring Community Club; each received a check for $600
  • Gadugi Participating Community: Cherokee County Indian Community Club received a check for $300

Due to COVID-19 the Cooperative Extension Center was unable to host their Annual Community Awards & Volunteer Appreciation Banquet, but felt it was important to recognize the community clubs for their service. Awards were presented by the Community Development Coordinator after the business portion of the Council’s meeting. This year, the number of volunteer hours record for seven communities was 9,948 hours with a total of 310 volunteers. These volunteers are not paid for their service but donate their time and skills.

“The EBCI/NC Cooperative Extension Center is thankful for each community and supports them in their efforts to keep their community clubs alive and the meaning of Gadugi relevant today,” EBCI Cooperative Extension officials noted.

The EBCI Community Development Awards program is an annual event and open to all nine communities of the Eastern Band.

– EBCI Cooperative Extension Office release