2020 EBCI Cooperative Extension Garden Contest winners

by Sep 15, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


Following are the winners in this year’s EBCI (Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians) Cooperative Extension Garden Contest:

3200 Acre Tract

  • Amy Walker, first place, senior garden (organic)


Big Cove

  • Sadie W. Bradley, first place, family garden (conventional)
  • Marvin Bradley Jr. “Tommy”, first place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Thomas David Bradley, second place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Vita Nations, third place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Mary Bottchenbaugh, first place, individual garden (organic)


Big Y

  • Morgan Hernandez, first place, family garden (conventional)
  • Trudy Crowe, first place, family garden (organic)
  • Jesse and Jessilyn Lambert, second place, family garden (organic)
  • Kinley Crowe, first place, youth garden (organic)
  • Charlotte George, first place, senior garden (organic)



  • Towstring Community Garden, first place, (conventional)
  • Noah and Sydney Lambert, first place, family garden (conventional)
  • Ansel Crutchfield, first place, senior garden (conventional)



  • Chi Shipman and Marvel Welch, first place, family garden (organic)
  • David Rowland Paisley and Christoph Ensley, first place, family garden (conventional)
  • Tyler Ledford, first place, individual garden (conventional)
  • David Edward Sneed, second place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Ray Long, third place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Triston Bradley, first place, youth garden (conventional)
  • Johnny Long, second place, youth garden (conventional)
  • John Haigler, first place, senior garden (conventional)
  • Alyne Stamper, first place, senior garden (conventional)


Cherokee County

  • Hazel Marie Nations, first place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Phil Haigler, second place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Victor Ray Haigler, first place, individual garden (organic)
  • Gabriel Swimmer, first place, youth garden (organic)
  • Irene Raper Mathis, first place, senior garden (conventional)
  • Louise Raper Davenport, second place, senior garden (conventional)
  • Gertrude Raper Kilpatrick, first place, senior garden (conventional)



  • Chaske’ Raines, first place, family garden (organic)
  • Jessie Watty and Charles Lossiah, first place, family garden (conventional)
  • John Long, first place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Izabela Shelby Crowe Lossiah, first place, youth garden (conventional)
  • Elle Lee Lossiah, first place, senior garden (conventional)



  • Brandon Burgess, first place, family garden (conventional)
  • Leonard Long, first place, individual garden (conventional)



  • Emily Jones, first place, family garden (conventional)
  • Bell Jones, second place, family garden (conventional)
  • JC Wachacha, first place, family garden (organic)
  • Tonya Chekelelee, second place, individual garden (organic)
  • Raylee Marie Smoker, first place, youth garden (organic)
  • Macksim Crowe, first place, youth garden (conventional)
  • Lou Jackson, first place, senior garden (conventional)



  • Amy Postoak, first place, family garden (organic)
  • Zacchaeus and Araceli Martinez-Arch, second place, family garden (organic)
  • Robert David Ellingsworth, first place, family garden (conventional)
  • Tresa Sampson, first place, individual garden (organic)
  • Barry Lee Reed, first place, individual garden (conventional)
  • Kyndra Postoak, first place, youth garden (organic)
  • Rhiannon Postoak, second place, youth garden (organic)
  • Brezlyn Lossiah, third place, youth garden (organic)


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