THANK YOU: Student thanks Yogi Crowe Scholarship Fund

by Sep 3, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


Dear Yogi Crowe Memorial Scholarship Fund,

Thank you for your continued support going into my fall 2020 semester. This is my fourth year of podiatric medical school and I have begun auditioning at away rotations at programs where I hope to match for residency placement. I have to pay for flights to my five away rotations as well as housing for the five months. I am also working on my residency applications which require fees to submit. Other expenses this semester include my boards exams. I will be taking my NBPME APMLE boards part 2 and CSPE this semester and these both require fees to register as well as travel expenses and hotel expenses. I am grateful for the financial support from Yogi Crowe to help cover these costs that are not covered by tribal education.

Additionally, Moiz and I are expecting our first child in December 2020. We are very excited for this next chapter in our lives.

Again, thank you for the continued support personally and financially throughout my training. My goal is to work for the Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority after residency and give back to the Cherokee community in any way I can.


Carmen Johnson