THANK YOU LETTER: SMES thanks Post 143 Auxiliary 

by Aug 29, 2020COMMUNITY sgadugi


Smokey Mountain Elementary School would like to thank the Steve Youngdeer American Legion Post 143 Auxiliary.

It goes without saying that returning to school this year 2020-2021 has been a challenge for all students, families and school personnel.

The American Legion Post 143 has once again shown their commitment to helping the community by supporting our school and lifting spirts with their generous donation of a welcome back lunch and breakfast provided for all Smokey Mountain Elementary teachers and staff.  They have also worked tirelessly to produce hundreds of  handmade masks for students and teachers to wear.  These donations  and continued support of our school is especially heartfelt during these difficult times. A sincere thank you  goes out to the American Legion Post 143 Auxiliary for their continuous support of our school and overall goodwill to the community.


Smokey Mountain Elementary school students and staff.