Cherokee High School academic awards

by May 21, 2019COMMUNITY sgadugi


The following students received CHS academic achievement awards for the 2018-19 school year:

OCS: Richard Mata (Best All-Around)

Life Skills: Andy Watty (Best All-Around)

Film Production I: David Bushyhead

Project Management: Rocky Peebles

Intro to Engineering Design: Naomi Smith

Intro to Auto Service: Shawn Parsons

Auto Service I: Tyler Ledford

Auto Service II: Joshua French

Health Science I: Mattie Maney

Health Science II: Destiny Mills

Health Team Relations: Jacob H. Wallace

Health Occupation Leadership Award: Kylee Tramper

Agriscience: Shalina Little

Environmental and Natural Resources: James Reed

Horticulture: Gabriel Jarvis

Environmental and Natural Resources: Derek Torres

FACS: Alayna Morgan

Business Law: Abbigail Space

Fashion Merchandising: Miranda Lopez

Sports and Entertainment Marketing: Iman Powell

Entrepreneurship: Phoebe Rattler

A&T Production: Emma Wolfe

Personal Finance: D. Christopher Hartbarger

Intro to Woodshop: Rhyan J. Girty

Woodshop I: Noland Queen

Health and P.E. (Girls): Caedance Smith

Health and P.E. (Boys): Eric Salazar

Physical Fitness: Raylen Bark

Olympic Weights (Girls): Raylen Bark

Olympic Weights (Boys): Rocky Peebles

Visual Arts I: Miranda Lopez

Visual Arts II: Tevy West

Graphic Design: Jazlyn Dunn

Cherokee Arts and Crafts I: Kayla Larch

Cherokee Arts and Crafts II: Tylina Blanton

Cherokee Baskets: Donna Thompson

Woodcarving I: Jordyn Martin

Woodcarving II: Kyler Hill

Spanish I: Rosa Reyes

Spanish II: Raylen Bark

Cherokee I: Brandon Wolfe

Cherokee II: Kyler Hill

Earth and Environmental Science: Alayna Morgan

Biology: Rocky Peebles

Physical Science: Christopher Gammon

Chemistry: Joaquin Layno

American History I: Raylen Bark

American History II: Raylen Bark

Civics: Joaquin Layno

World History: Jacob Wallace

English I: Caedance Smith

English II: Mattie Maney

English III: D. Christopher Hartbarger

English IV: Blake Smith

Fundamental Reading: Jamice Mora

Academic Prep: Caidyn French

Broadcast Journalism: Maya Cruz

Yearbook: Zoey Walkingstick

Math I: Danasia Toineeta

Math II: Dreyton Long

Math III: Shalyn Barker

Advanced Functioning and Modeling: Emma Stamper

Math Essentials: Shalina Little

Pre-Calculus: Raylen Bark

Fundamental Math I: Donna Thompson

Intro to Computer Programming: Joseph Hornbuckle

Intro to Excel: Tihjah Lossiah

Excel: Taylor O’Kelley

Online Honors and College Courses, CHS World Changers: Danicka Huskey, Alayna Morgan, D. Christopher Hartbarger, Shalyn Barker, Mattie Maney, Joaquin Layno

Top Academic Students

Ninth Grade: Keagan Curtis, Takota Sexton, Caedance Smith, Abigail Taylor, Jacob Wallace

Tenth Grade: Shalyn Barker, Maya Cruz, Kayla Larch, Destiny Mills, Rocky Peebles

Eleventh Grade: Raylen Bark, Tierney Bradley, D. Christopher Hartbarger, Awee Sequoyah, Brandon Wolfe

Twelfth Grade: Joaquin Layno, Blake Smith, Seth Smith, Jacob Sneed