Cherokee JROTC achieves Honor Unit of Distinction award

by May 8, 2019COMMUNITY sgadugi

The Cherokee High School JROTC Braves Battalion underwent an extensive five-hour inspection on Tuesday, May 7 and achieved the coveted Honor Unit of Distinction award. Cherokee High School JROTC cadets are shown, left to right, front row – Derek Thomas, Braylon Arch, Woody Lossie; second row – Christian Hensley, Noland Queen, Jayden Tooni; back row girls – Bekah Panther, Caedance Smith, Iman Powell; and back row boys – Serbando Mata and T.J. Wolfe.  (Cherokee Central Schools photo)


Special to the One Feather 


The Cherokee High School JROTC Braves Battalion underwent an extensive five-hour inspection on Tuesday, May 7.  The inspection was conducted by two representatives from 4th Brigade, the high schools higher headquarters, located at Fort Bragg.

After the inspection was completed, the Braves Battalion received a score of 95 out of 100.  This score gave the necessary points to achieve the coveted Honor Unit of Distinction (HUD) award.  Only the top 10 percent of schools inspected, within the brigade, earn this award.  That is over 335 schools, within the Brigades’ control, that offer JROTC.

The inspection was an intensive examination of a myriad number of events.  There were two briefings the Cadets had to present.  One, covering a Continuous Improvement Plan, which is something that benefits or helps their program to continue.  The other was a Service Learning Project which is a community oriented endeavor.  Eight Cadets were interviewed, had their portfolios examined, and were asked questions about their experiences in JROTC.

The drill team, consisting of 12 Cadets, and led by Cadet Captain Noland Queen, had to perform 22 marching maneuvers under the scrutiny of the two inspectors.  The Color Guard, with four Cadets, and commanded by Cadet Major Toby Johns, navigated through 44 precision maneuvers.  Both teams were coached by the Army Instructor, CSM Frank MacRae.  Following the two drill events was an inspection of the Senior Army Instructors Portfolio, LTC William Carter.  This inspection was conducted to ensure he was teaching the correct curriculum to his Cadets.

The following Cadets were involved in the inspection:  Logan Lequire, Noland Queen, Serbando Mata, Grace Broom, Aiden Hubble, Isaac Saunooke, Jayden Tooni, Braylon Arch, Caedance Smith, Shawn Parsons, Christian Hensley, Derek Thomas, Iman Powell, T.J. Wolfe, Toby Johns, Bekah Panther, and Woody Lossie.