Cherokee Central Schools budget status report for December 2018

by Feb 1, 2019NEWS ka-no-he-da


(Note: This report was released on Wednesday, Jan. 23 and made available to the One Feather on Friday, Feb. 1.)

As of December 2018, Cherokee Central Schools (CCS) is at the mid-point of the 2018-19 School Year (SY) which runs from July 1 – June 30.  CCS should have spent and committed (expenditures, encumbrances) up to the targeted 50 percent of Annual budgetary funds.  At this point, the school system stands currently at 47 percent of the SY budget, leaving a 53 percent balance for the remaining 2018-19 SY.  This is lower than SY 2017-18, which stood at 51 percent at this same time last school year.

By Division, the CCS Administration is currently at 41 percent, while Facilities stands at 44 percent.  The four schools within CCS are as follows:  Pre-School: 46 percent, Elementary School: 48 percent, Middle School: 49 percent, and High School: 45 percent.

Collectively, Departments stand at 51 percent.  Individual Departments stand as follows:  Cultural: 49 percent, Title VI-Cultural: 49 percent, Title I: 1 percent, Athletics: 72 percent, Performing Arts Center: 34 percent, Technology: 68 percent, and Food & Nutrition: 47 percent.

Athletics and Technology are the only Departments over the 50 percent guideline.  Athletics does the bulk of their purchasing early and they have larger teams in the early school year.  CCS has also recently added additional sports teams.  Technology is over the 50 percent threshold due to e-Rate charges that will be reimbursed (and has been done in previous years) in the latter part of the SY.  Title I has a very small budget and their events are upcoming.

School officials noted, “Overall, at 47 percent, CCS is performing well with the 2018-19 Annual Budget.”

– Cherokee Central Schools release