Upcoming Pow Wows for June 21-24

by Jun 13, 2018Happenings


Note: This list of pow wows was compiled by One Feather staff. The One Feather does not endorse any of these dances. It is simply a listing of ones occurring throughout the continent. Please call before traveling.


44th Annual Tonkawa Pow Wow.  June 21-24 in Tonkawa, Okla.  Emcees: Leroy Enloe, Lester Eagle.  Host Drum: Ft. Oakland Ramblers.  Info: (580) 628-2561


59th Annual Eastern Shoshone Indian Days Pow Wow.  June 22-24 in Fort Washakie, Wyo.  Emcees: Joaquin Hamilton, Howie Thompson.  Northern Host Drum: Black Otter.  Southern Host Drum: Southern Boyz.  Local Honor Host Drum: Wind River.  Info: Weasel Mann (307) 314-5541 or Waylon Large (307) 349-8031


Lake Vermilion Traditional Pow Wow.  June 22-24 at Lake Vermilion Pow Wow Grounds in Tower, Minn.  MC: Terry Goodsky.  Co-Host Drums: Lake Vermilion, Burntside Lake.  Info: Muriel Deegan (218) 750-7772, murieldeegan@yahoo.com; Tracey Dagen (218) 780-1478


Muckleshoot Veteran’s Pow Wow.  June 22-24 at Muckleshoot Pow Wow Grounds in Auburn, Wash.  Emcees: Ruben Little Head, Vince Beyl.  Info: grant.timentwa@muckleshoot.nsn.us, (253) 876-3327, or anakalia3908@gmail.com


Pi-Ume-Sha Treate Days 49th Annual Individual & Team Dance Competition.  June 22-24 at Pi-Ume-Sha Field in Warm Springs, Ore.  Info: Cassie Katchia (541) 325-1573 or (541) 553-6296, or Louise Katchia (541) 460-0224


Saddle Lake Pow Wow.  June 22-24 in Saddle Lake, Alberta, Canada.  Info: Frank Cardinal Jr. (780) 726-3644, Fabian Large (780) 646-6423, or Marilyn Makosis (780) 726-7609


Sturgeon Lake Traditional Pow Wow.  June 22-24 in Valleyview, Alberta, Canada.  Emcees: Dion Tootoosis, Devin Bellerose.  Host Drum: Spear Point.  Info: Heather Robinson (780) 524-8645


9th Annual Traditional Pow Wow.  June 22-24 at Warroad Pow Wow Grounds in Warroad, Minn.  Emcees: Murphy Thomas Jr., Gary Smith.  Host Drums: Old Crossing, Sons of the Drum.  Info: Ron Prelvitz (218) 386-3381, ron.prelvitz@7clans.com


Keeping the Tradition Pow Wow.  June 23-24 in Dayton, Ohio.  Info: Andrew Sawyer (937) 268-8199, sunwatch@sunwatch.org


Sunnybrook Numu Haakhana Intertribal Pow Wow.  June 23-24 at Sunnybrook Park in Danville, Pa.  Co-Host Drums: Eagle Thunder, Midnight Elk.  Info: Laura Hess (570) 256-3241 or Scott Weiss (570) 394-4524