Job Corps, Mother Town Healing Project form partnership

by Jun 13, 2018COMMUNITY sgadugi

PARTNERSHIP: Recently, the Oconaluftee Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center (OJCCCC) and the EBCI TERO Office’s Mothertown Project have forged a partnership whereby the Center offers internships to Project participants. Shown (left-right) are – Jim Copeland, OJCCCC director; Dean Smith, OJCCCC works program officer; Betty Pannell, OJCCCC administrative intern; Melina Crowe, Mother Town intern; Jennifer Welch, Mother Town intern; Tommy Bradley, Mother Town supervisor; Erin Taylor, Mother Town supervisor; and Jonah Saunooke, Mother Town supervisor. (Photo courtesy of Mother Town Healing Project)





The Oconaluftee Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center (OJCCCC) and the EBCI TERO Office’s Mother Town Healing Project have established a blossoming partnership. Participants from the Project have been working internships at the Center for the past couple of months.

“Oconaluftee is a Work Ready Center,” said Jim Copeland, OJCCCC director.  “We believe in training opportunities and job placement. Our goal is to equip TERO candidates with the skills they need to be competitive in the workforce. This may even include job placement at our Center.”

There are currently three participants working in different departments. Working at the Center, the interns have a great opportunity to learn about all that Job Corps has to offer all while learning new skills to help excel in their future endeavors.

“I feel that this connection is a win-win for our Center and the interns,” said Trudy Crowe.  “I hear good things from all the staff about the work the interns are doing at the Center, and I feel like the interns take their jobs seriously and enjoy the learning process and working with students. The interns are providing skills and duties that help our Center.”

Curt Wildcatt, EBCI TERO manager, hopes that building this partnership will hopefully bring more opportunities for other participants in the future. “Working with the Job Corps has been a missing piece that we could not offer through TERO, so I hope all of our interns will maximize this wonderful opportunity.”